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사랑해 뚱뚱야
'항상 함께 할거라 till the end of time'
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29th-Mar-2021 04:37 pm - Master list

[KyuMin Drabbles]

Kyu-ah, wae?

Run away

30th-Mar-2012 10:00 am - Kyu's musical

tittle: Kyu's musical
pairing: Kyumin
rating: PG
summary: Min came back after watching "the first night of catching me if you can" and your typical fluff
notes: if you find any grammar errors,please let me know, thank you for reading ^^

Isn’t this what love is? It’s because you love that you worry, you support, and you want to make someone happy.Collapse )

6th-Jun-2011 10:57 pm - Lie to me

tittle: Lie to me
pairing: Kyumin
rating: PG
notes: fail , fluff
Summary: someone intentionally hid Jungmo's letters and Sungmin wasn't so happy about that...

My heart is a very expensive placeCollapse )

10th-May-2011 11:47 pm - Neh, Saranghanta Uri Danhobak!
tittle: Neh, Saranghanta Uri Danhobak!
pairing: Kyumin
rating: PG
notes: fail , fluff
Inspired by this Sungmin's Diary

Uri Danhobak!Collapse )
9th-Apr-2011 12:12 am - Run away
Run awayCollapse )
26th-Mar-2011 11:08 pm - Uri babo is priceless
tittle: Uri babo is priceless
pairing: Kyumin
rating: PG
notes: fail , fluff
Please have a red pepper paste jar next to you just in case UriCollapse )
10th-Mar-2011 08:38 pm - Kyu-ah, wae? March 01, 2011, 00:00
tittle: Kyu-ah, wae
pairing: Kyumin
rating: PG
notes: failKyu-ah, wae?Collapse )

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